Aga/Interspiro Divator Mk II

The lightweight AGA MKII and MK20 full face mask was designed for maximum comfort. Perfect for all types of diving, especially for divers who have to work in hostile diving conditions such as cold and polluted water.

The AGA full face mask maintains a constant, slight positive pressure called Safety Pressure which is activated with the first inhalation. Safety Pressure prevents water from leaking into the mask.

The high volume fully balanced second-stage regulator provides extremely low inhalation and exhalation resistance.

Both versions of the AGA Diving Mask have been U.S. Navy tested and approved. They are used extensively by military, police rescue, and professional divers around the world.

PCDS Ordering Information
Order # 2-96319-05: Black Silicon Face Mask
Order # 2-96319-10: Black Rubber Face Mask